December 12th, 2010

Google Pages Importance On SEO Results

Google local is now a force to be reconed with. You must have a Google Pages account whether you are a local business or not. Not sure this is fair to the tens of thousands of home-based service business that do not want their home addresses published online, but now they have nothing else can … Read more

December 6th, 2010

Problems with Performance-based SEO and SEM contracts

Performance Based Internet Marketing � Beware of Shady Contracts The new big word thrown out in the internet marketing world is performance-based marketing. This is when a client pays only for the performance of the company. Many interactive firms are moving to this model because it is an easier sell to the client. While in … Read more

December 6th, 2010

Social Media Factors Increasingly Important for SEO

A theory I have been toying with (I am sure many are toying with) is that inbound links will be seconded to the weight Google will give you from the pages of Twitter and Facebook. Lets face it, nothing is more important than a Social endorsement. It would be the same reason why DMOZ for … Read more